This is a list of my favorite photobook blogs from all over the world. I will regularly update the list.

List of photobook blogs

You are a photobook blogger? If you would like to see your blog added, feel free to contact me and I gladly will add your blog to the list. – by Andreas H. Bitesnich
He’s an Austrian photographer and musician. He specializes in nude, portrait and street photography. His work appears regularly in international magazines. “I have been collecting photography books for over thirty years and photography is my life, so I decided to start this website and blog to showcase my favorite photography books and ephemera, and to promote photography-related events.”

josef schladek – by Josef Schladek
Born 1968 in Vienna, master in Physics. “I’m a passionate reader and book lover – especially of photobooks, books about architecture, Dadaism, expressionism, modern literature, just to name a few. In 2013, I co-founded FC Chladek Drastil GmbH. We are developing web projects for publishing-houses, book-solutions, photo projects and a lot of other interesting stuff.”

phot(o)lia – by Olia
“Everything about photography in New York, photobooks and the photographer i love. All photography books featured on phot(o)lia are from my personal collection.”

The Independent Photobook – by H.Keijser/J.Colberg
The Independent Photo Book announces independently published and/or produced photography books or zines, which are not available via Amazon or other standard outlets.

The New Frame – by Eric Gunderson
“This is an online gallery of photobooks curated/collected by myself. Every book I post, I own. The photobook community is growing quite rapidly.  I myself am quite new at this.  I only started collecting 2 years ago.  One of my favorite things about this world is how simple it’s becoming to publish work.  With self publishing becoming more and more popular, and small indie publishers popping up left and right, the amount of books on the market will soon become daunting.  But it also makes the hunt for the right book that much more exciting.”