Here are some of my favorite photobook publishers – focused on contemporary photography – from all over the world. Most of them have their own online store. I will update the list regularly.

List of photobook publishers

Akina Books – London, UK
AKINA Books is an independent publishing house of hand-made photobooks, as objects to crease, love, collect. Akina Factory is a space to conceive, design, print and bind our and your ideas. Akina is London based, yet frontierless. It is run by Alex Bocchetto and Valentina Abenavoli.

Akio Nagasawa Publishing – Tokyo, Japan
Ginza Tokyo based gallery and publishing company produced by Akio Nagasawa. We introduce mainly photographers such as William Klein, Daido Moriyama, Eikoh Hosoe, Issei Suda, Toshio Shibata, Sakiko Nomura and more. We have been receiving good reviews from various parts of the world about their photobooks that we have published.

Bad Weather Press – Girona, Spain
Bad Weather Press (since 2004) is a north catalan zine distro. We publish all kinds of graphic material, whether photographic, collage or illustration and must be able to print on a cheap printing. As a rule we set from the beginning, everything would be numbered in limited editions (as well as our cards) to facilitate the death of the projects and find motivation to make new ones.

Die Nacht – Leipzig, Germany
dienacht Publishing is an independent photo-book publisher. Our aim is to showcase carefully selected photographers through a limited circulation of unique, beautifully produced and highly collectible books.

Editions Bessard – Paris, France
Editions Bessard is a paris-based independant publishing house created by pierre bessard in 2011. Focusing on working with artists, writers and curators to realise intellectually challenging projects in book form. Also highly recommended is their zine collection.

Editions Xavier Barral – Paris, France
Éditions Xavier Barral publish books by contributors to the international art world. Each book is a unique object. The works of Josef Koudelka, Patrick Zachmann, Jane Evelyn Atwood, Martin Parr, Raymond Depardon, Jean Gaumy, Philippe Chancel, or the worlds of David Lynch, William Kentridge or Watabe emerge as “book-objects” whose aesthetic, design and editorial choices take pride of place.

Ghost Editions – Lisbon, Portugal
As a publisher, GHOST publishes books that emphasize visual narratives and articulate a “politics of image”, i.e. critical approaches on the uses and conditions for receiving the image, be it documentary, archival, fictional or appropriated.

MACK – London, UK
MACK is an art and photography publishing house based in London, working with established and emerging artists, writers and curators, and cultural institutions – releasing between 20-25 books per year.

oode – London, UK
Based in London and Paris, oodee is an independent publishing house working closely with establish and emerging photographers and dedicate on designing and printing unique contemporary photography books.

Only Photography – Berlin, Germany
Only-Photography differs conceptually from most classical photo galleries – with us, monographic solo exhibitions will be more the exception than the rule. Our aim, rather, is to organize three to four exhibitions per year in our gallery space and with/at related institutions, drawing from our own extensive holdings of historical and anonymous photography and juxtaposing them with the works of contemporary photographers.

particle books – Melbourne, Australia
particle books is a small independent photobook publishing house founded by Felix Wilson, based in Melbourne, Australia.

SORIKA – London, UK
SORIKA is an independent publisher of books and editions established by Gareth McConnell in 2013. SORIKA has no particular manifesto other than the realizing of the projects that interest them and is not dedicated to any specific medium or genre. SORIKA is not for profit with all proceeds directed to funding the next endeavour. We welcome submissions and proposals.

Steidl Verlag – Göttingen, Germany
Steidl is a German-language publisher, an international publisher of photobooks, and a printing company. What began as a backyard enterprise has evolved into one of the world’s most sophisticated and distinguished printing and publishing companies. All Steidl books are designed and produced under the same roof. Every title gets its own special format and book design. Gerhard Steidl himself whose passion for paper is legendary chooses the paper and the linen and personally sees to every step of the production, from layout to printing.

TBW Books – Oakland, USA
TBW Books is an independent photography book publishing company. Founded by Paul Schiek in 2005 after publishing his book, Good By Angels. Today TBW Books is recognized internationally as one of the leading publishing houses in its field, having worked with such acclaimed artists as Wolfgang Tillmans, Jim Goldberg, Katy Grannan and Alec Soth.

The Unknown Books – Portugal
The Unknown Books is a small independent publishing house. It is run by Fábio M. Roque. We make small editions of zines, photographic books and other editions. It’s a not-for-profit organisation. All the profit from sales are reinvested into forthcoming publications. We are always looking for new ideas and projects, so we are open to collaborate with artists, other publishers or institutions.